Friday, July 6, 2012

Day Six Report - A Crossover Plug

Create / Consume is plugging along just fine. I'm still maintaining an overall 2-1 ratio with creation over consumption so far, though I'm planning on watching a full night of season 2 of Louie on DVD with a friend tonight, so that balance is about to be thrown a bit off. I'll have the full first week update sometime on Monday.

In the meantime, care to see something I've been working on? I've written a handful of Onion-style pieces on my personal blog "Paused" (which started off with my first life project, taking a year off from video games). The latest one came from the controversy I've read about recently regarding the hypersexuality of women in comic books. I figured if the actual creators weren't going to justify it, I'd just go ahead and justify it for them.

Here's a sneak peak to convince you to click over - an image of Wonder Woman performing a breast exam that I've co-opted for my fake news story:

The full story can be found here:



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